The Wager Deleted Scene 2

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Here is the next deleted scene and remember there will be another two deleted scenes added when The Wager gets into the top ten and who knows?! Maybe you’ll get to see a sneak excerpt of The Gamble, the third and final book in The Bet series 😉


“I’m not so sure this is a good idea…” Char whispered as Jake pushed the elevator button.

“Great.” He beamed, “Good ideas are for boring people.”

“And we’re…what, exactly?” Char leaned harder against Jake, it had been a while since she’d drank so much. At the bar it hadn’t seemed like that much tequila, but suddenly it was hitting her a bit too hard, her own voice sounded funny, as if her words weren’t quite pronounced correctly when she said them.

“We’re awesome.” Jake squeezed her shoulder, “Best friends, remember?”

“Last time you slept with your best friend you almost destroyed her.” Char fired back, and then wanted to slap herself in the face. Jake Titus. The Jake Titus, her crush since middle school was hitting on her, taking her back to his hotel room and she was bringing up Kacey? Really?

“I remember.” Jake whispered. The doors opened. He tugged Char inside, so at least she was still invited. She almost blurted that he could just call her a cab, when he hit the stop button, causing the Elevator to jolt somewhere in between the fourth and fifth floors. “You want to know what else I remember?”

Char shook her head and took a step away from Jakes warm body.

He gripped her arms and gently walked her backwards towards the wall. Once she was trapped, she looked up into his eyes.

Cold, lustful, fiercely beautiful. Jake Titus was all of those things, but in that moment, he looked damaged. And she so wanted to be the one woman to fix it—to fix him.

“I remember your lips.” He stroked her neck with his palm as his fingers danced across her jawbone, “I’ve always wanted to taste them. I want my tongue in your mouth. I want my hands on your body, and I want you to think of me and only me. Tonight, just lose yourself Char.”

“What if I can’t find myself when I wake up?” Char whispered hoarsely, as Jake’s other hand grazed her hip and then pulled her body flush against his.

“Why, Char…” Jake grinned, his sensual mouth promising pleasure she’d never experienced before in he rentire life, “I think that’s the whole point.”

“Losing yourself to a man?”

“Nah..” His mouth descended, hot and slow, he kissed her and then pulled back, “Losing yourself to pleasure. Letting go. Not being able to find yourself after a night with the very one you know you should run away from. That’s the point Char. That’s the point I’m making. You should have walked out that damn door the minute I said your name. But you didn’t.” Char’s breath hitched, “Because you want to be lost with me.”

“Maybe.” Her body trembled underneath his touch. “Maybe not.”

“I like you.” He said it so simply, so honestly, that the very last wall she’d erected crumbled at her very feet.

She’d waited twenty-two years to hear him say that.

And she wasn’t stupid enough to let the one chance she had with him, fall between her fingers.


“Okay?” Jakes eyebrows shot up. “I give you an epic and pretty damn convincing speech and you say, okay?”

Char reached around Jake and hit the button releasing the elevator so it could go to his room. “Jake, if it’s okay with you. I’d rather not talk right now.”

She gripped the front of his shirt in her hands and crushed her mouth against his.

“No talking.” He jerked back, “I like it.”

“Kissing.” Char panted, “I like it.”

“Okay.” He teased.

The elevator opened. Jake grabbed her hand and very slowly walked her to his room.

“This will change things.” He slid the keycard into the slot and opened the door.

A suite. Of course.

And a bottle of tequila was waiting, as promised.

“I like change.” Char answered, throwing her purse onto the nearest table. “And I happen to like you.”

“I know.” Jake shrugged out of his jacket and threw it onto a chair, “I can tell by the way you kiss.”

“Jake Titus,” Char started opening the bottle of tequila, “Did you just call me a good kisser?”

“Yes.” He came up behind her, wrapping her body in his scent, he placed his hands on hers as he helped her open the bottle, “I did.”

He placed the bottle on the tray and back away from her, she swayed on her feet.

“Let’s toast.” Jake said calmly, “To a night of forgetting.”

Char smiled, “A night of forgetting.” She poured a double for both of them and threw the shot back hoping that it wouldn’t’ numb a damn thing. Because the last thing she wanted to do was forget her first time.

It didn’t matter in the end. She wanted a forever with him. And tonight he had given her a glimpse into his insanity, he wanted a relationship he was just afraid of what it meant.

She could be that girl.

She would be that girl.

Tonight, was just the beginning.





  1. tiffany says

    I love the deleted scene. Anything that Rachel writes is amazing and should not be deleted! It should all stay as part of the original bookk! The Bet and The Wager are great books to read. I am hoping to get more to read! Rachel is one of my favorite authors and I thoroughly enjoy reading her work!

  2. Katie says

    I’m trying to purchase this in the UK but I can’t find it on amazon or iTunes, I was just wondering if it will be released over here?

  3. Virginia says

    I’m trying to purchase The Wager, from Amazon or iBooks and it’s not available even when it says it was publish on October 1st. Does it have restrictions or something, I love in PR and usually don’t have a problem purchasing books. Please help me I got a taste on the excerpt and I’m dying to read it!!!

  4. Wendy says

    This scene was just as good as the first!!! I cant wait for the final book and another deleted scene. Thank you for posting this one as I was not disappointed!!!!!

  5. Jill says

    Well, no surprise here…I love it!! And greedy woman that I am..I want more!! Let’s get The Wager into the top 10 where it belongs!! :)