The Wager Deleted Scene 1

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Thanks to you guys, The WAGER debuted (its first day) in the Amazon top 100/Nook Top 100 as well as the Itunes top 100…I AM blown away!!!


Because of your awesomeness, I decided to post a deleted scene from the book…And here’s where things get crazy…I will post a deleted chapter each time I hit another benchmark with The Wager’s numbers.


The next goal? Whatever comes first, the top 50 on Amazon or top 10 on Nook, so get to sharing so people grab a copy! (to vote on the next scene you want to see stop by Shh moms reading

The Wager Deleted Chapter



“Come on…” Jake licked his lips, “You know you want to.”

“Do I?”

“Do I really know I want to?” Char eyed the tequila shot like he was the wicked witch in Snow White offering a poison apple.

“I dare you.”

Her eyes narrowed, “Does that normally work for you? Dare a woman to take a shot, she does it, and her clothes automatically float off her body?”

Jake rolled his eyes, leave it to Char to be dramatic, “Please, like clothes can actually float.”

“Jack ass.”

“No Jake, the name’s Jake, how could you forget, we’re practically best friends now.”

“Oh yeah?” Char took the shot from his outsretched hand, her fingers brushing lightly against his, “How do you figure?”

“Tequila.” Jake leaned in so he could smell her perfume, “And the fact that I’ve just had the worst night of my life and I’ve done nothing for the past two hours except drink and freaking bleed my feelings across the table. That makes us best friends.”

Char snorted.

“What?” Jake shrugged innocently, eyeing her tight black dress as it hugged every damn curve on her body. She wanted him, she was giving him all the signs, all she needed was a bit of liquid encouragement, and all he needed, hell all he wanted was to just forget.

Forget about what he did to Kacey.

Forget about the fact that he still wasn’t answering his Grandmother’s phone calls.

And forget the fact that he was so ridiculously lonely that every time he inhaled it was as if a giant ass piano was laying on his chest.

“Just. One. Sip.” He whispered, then poured some salt onto his hand and held it out to her. “Lick.”

Char eyed his hand and then the shot, her breathing was ragged as she finally leaned in, her pink tongue slipping out, coming into full contact with his hand. Holy shit. He gripped the table with his other hand, who knew the woman had such an erotic tongue. Could tongues be erotic? Was that possible? She licked off every damn remnant of salt and then bit his hand. Hard.

“What the hell!” He jerked back just as Char tilted her head, the shot going down in seconds. “Why’d you bite me?”

“Because you’re still an ass.” She winked, “And because you’re trying to get me as drunk as you.”

“Not true.” Jake waved over the waiter and ordered four more shots, “I’m already tanked. I see two of you and when you smile I’m not sure whether or not to be freaked out because it looks like you have four sets of teeth, or turned on because now I know what they feel like embedded in my skin.”

“A teeth fetish?” Char’s eyebrows shot up, “I would have pegged you more for a leg girl.”

“Breasts.” Jake blurted, “Legs.” He shrugged and looked away, “After a while they’re all the same.” He took a long drink of his beer and concentrated on the table while the bitter liquid ran down his throat. Really, it had all been the same, woman after woman, they never offered him anything different, anything special.

“Wow, I feel so sorry for you.” Came Char’s dry retort, “Legs, boob, and the ass of your choice….you’re a regular martyr.”

Jake let out a dry laugh trying to give the impression that he didn’t care, “You’re funnier than I remember.”

“Oh?” Char’s damn mouth twitched making him want to grab her by the back of the neck and press his lips against hers. “Funny, because I was going to say you’re more depressing than I remember.”

“Right.” Jake answered as the waiter came and delivered shots. Without thinking he grabbed one and threw it back, “Look,” He winced and took a bite out of one of the limes on the table, “I may be drunk as hell and more depressing than the old guy sipping his tenth Corona at the bar—but I’m here. And. I. Want. You.”

“P-pardon?” Char froze midair as she was reaching for the tequila shot.

“You heard me.”

Char took the shot without hesitation and then took the other, wiping her mouth delicately with a few fingers before clearing her throat and looking down at the table. “I did.”

“So?” Jake let the offer hang in the air as he reached across the table and grabbed her free hand, “What do you say?”
Char was silent for a minute, she grabbed his hand but did nothing, simply stared at it as if it was a deformity rather than an invitation. “I think…” She lifted her head and grinned, “That you need to try harder.”

“Done.” Jake said without thinking. Because girls like Char, the ones with soft hands, beautiful bodies, and perfect mouths? Not to mention able to hold his attention through an intelligent conversation? They were worth a hell of a lot more effort than a few shots and some smooth talk. “Let’s dance.”

“Dance?” Her dark wavy hair fell across her face making her look more seductive than should be legal, “I thought Jake Titus didn’t dance anymore?”


“Yeah, you swore it off after childhood ballroom dancing lessons.”

“True.” He stood and led her away from the table towards the dance floor, “Then again, I also swore off hitting on friends.” He twirled Char around him and dipped her, “And look what we have here.”

“According to you best friends.” Char smirked.

“A hell of a lot more than that, Char.” He whispered and then kissed her firmly across the mouth. She didn’t put up a fight, not when he licked the seam of her lips, not when his hands moved slowly down her body landing firmly on her hips.

“I’ll need more shots.” She whispered against his mouth.

“You’ve had enough.”

“Huh?” She pulled away, looking way too sober for his taste.

“Fine,” He looped his arm in hers, “let’s go somewhere we can talk and I’ll get us a bottle of tequila. You can have as many shots as you want.”

“Oh, really?” Char breathed, looping her arm in his.

“Really.” Jake said seriously. He wasn’t that drunk. Which was why he kept mentally kicking himself the entire way up to his hotel room suite. He knew what he was doing but he was still going to do it. Why? Because he’d spent too damn long sleeping with women who he didn’t care about.

And for the second time in his life, he wanted to be with one who he actually did. He’d been with Kacey—that hadn’t ended well, and of course he knew it never would. She was his best friend.

But Char? She was more than that– if that was even possible. She’d always been more. He’d been nervous as hell around her since middle school. In high school she was always “The Untouchable One”, no guy dared near her for fear of getting rejected

It helped that her body was that of a goddess and her skin was smoother than silk. He just wanted—to take one more selfish night and live it. With her. By his side, in his bed, without consequences.

After all.

When would he ever see her again?

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