The Eagle Elite Series


A special note from Rachel on the reading order of The Eagle Elite:

I keep getting asked what the “real” reading order for the Elite series is…so here you go the reading order and the explanations behind my insanity!!!! 

  1. Elite
  2. Elect
  3. Entice
  4. Elicit
  5. Bang Bang
  6. Enchant (Series prequel you can technically read after you’ve read the first two, its only a few chapters but it really helps shed some light on things that happen in Elicit)
  7. Enforce * this book is Elite from the guys FOUR POV’s, I always suggest readers attack it when they are waiting for the next book to release, but I don’t suggest you dive in until you’ve finished Elicit.
  8. Ember
  9. Elude
  10. Empire

**Enamor is a bonus novella in the back of Elicit that deals with Nixon/Trace

**Evoke is a 3 chapter bonus novella on WATTPAD for free that you can read in between Elite/Elect


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