I’m apologizing for being a total space cadet…And other updates ;)

So I changed websites…and I’ve always thought of myself as being one of those people who can go with the flow and respond to change in a really good way.

Yeah. So.  Not. True. WORDPRESS IS HARDER okay so it’s not harder, it’s just different…And apparently different=difficult in my book, so hold tight as I TRY really hard to blog more and do better…:)

THE WAGER releasing overseas

So a lot of you have been emailing me and asking about future releases as well as when The Wager will release in the Uk and OZ also known as Australia and New Zealand, sounds about right….(insert frustrated face here).

Here’s the deal on that issue.

The Bet Series and The Eagle Elite series were bought by Grand Central Publishing (YAY this is a good thing) but because they are through a different publishing house and not self-published, there are certain foreign rights hoops that have to be jumped through before the books go live in foreign countries. It’s not something I have any control over unfortunately, but I will keep you guys updated and I did promise to give away at least 10 free copies once it goes live! So keep checking back. I’ve been told that the kinks will be worked out very soon!

Release Dates for the next few months

November 6: Forever: A Seaside Novella (this is the fourth novella in The Seaside Series and connects the rest of the books to Jaymesons story).

December 10: Elect. Oh. My. Heck. I’ve been waiting for YEARs (okay slight exaggeration) for this book to come out! If you haven’t read Elite, GO GRAB IT! I promise you’ll like it, you just have to power through. Yes it deals with some bullying and a few other mysterious and angsty subjects, but I promise it will be worth it. This is by far one of my favorite series I’ve ever written…I get giddy just thinking about it. The inspiration behind it was Romeo And Juliet meets Gossip Girl, so let that linger a bit…

January: (tentative) End of January Fall: A Seaside Novel. This is English heartthrob Jamie Jaymesons story 😉 He returns to Seaside one last time…

Books that are finished and have been TURNED in to Agent/Publisher and that we are waiting to hear back about:

The Dare…The Bet Series, book 3 Jace and Beth’s story

Entice…Eagle Elite Series, book 3 (can’t tell you b/c it will give EVERYTHING away)

Toxic…Ruin Series, book 2 Gabe’s story…this book isn’t finished yet–I’m waiting for the green light to finish it up

Every Girl Does It (re-release sometime soon)



Fall: A Seaside Novel (1/4 of the way through)

Elicit: Eagle Elite 4 (Mo and Tex’s story) (starting this month)

Toxic: Ruin 2 (Gabe’s story) (1/3 of the way through)

When Ash Falls (Final book in The London Fairy Tales series) (1/3 of the way through)

Reign of the Lion (second novella in the savage winter series) (starting as I type this)

Shame: Ruin 3 (Lisa’s story)

Alexander King Divine Uprising Book 2 (Finished, in edits)

Irresistible Terms (Sequel to Compromising Kessen)

Well folks, I think thats it, DONT FORGET, Forever is releasing this week 😉 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! And if you wanna chat, I always respond faster via email rachelvandykenauthor@gmail.com or Facebook 😉 Rachel Van Dyken


  1. Bianca says

    Hi there, I’m in Australia and amazon is still saying that Elect is not available for purchase. Any idea on when is will be available? I’m desperate! Thanks :)

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