How do I get signed books?

You can purchase paperbacks anywhere books are sold then send the paperback with a small note including your address and a SASE to PO Box 963 Eagle Idaho 83616.

How many books will be in the Eagle Elite Series?

At this point I’m looking at ten books, there may be more depending on what happens in the story…

Is the Ruin series really over?

Yes, though those characters will still be making appearances in other books…my dream is to somehow connect all of my backlist together.

Are any books being made into TV shows or Movies?

Yes! I'm so excited to announce that as of October 2016, that the Wingmen Inc series has been optioned for a movie! 

Will you be writing any more in The Bet series?

You’ll have to wait and see!

Do you have any favorite characters?

Whoever I’m currently writing is my favorite!

How do you write so fast? Do you sleep? Are you a vampire?

I’m not a vampire, I DO sleep! 😉 I typically write when my little boy is sleeping and I’ll stay up late to hit deadlines….I write full time, so I try to at least get in 5K a day of writing, my goal is always 10K.

You’re a hybrid author, what does this mean?

It means I publish with big traditional publishers while still self publishing my own work.